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The tripod thread size is 2.265 inches X 16 threads per inch.It has with it a 2 ounce plumb bob, oil can, spanner screw driver, two adjusting pins, sunshade, lens cap, right angle eyepiece prism with sun filter, and its mahogany box which measures 11 inches high, 9 1/8 inches wide and 5 5/8 inches deep outside. I know of only six other "Twisted Frame" Expedition Transits by K&E.A small ruling pen, screwdriver and box of spares are missing, but what can you expect for 99 pence!A "Leroy 61 2935" lettering set by Keuffel & Esser of New York, dating from the 1960s.Real diesel will run rine in your burner, but the cost will be more significant.Diesel has a mixture of carbon chains between 8 and 21, and heating oil has a mixture containing chains between 14 and 20.“MINUSA” stood for “Made in USA” Keuffel & Esser Doric ‘Favorite N9526C’ set, ca.1950, made in Germany.Square pattern instruments, sometimes also referred to as American pattern due to their popularity in the USA long after they had been superceded by flat pattern instruments in Europe.

It is only 9 inches tall with a 8 inch long erecting image telescope.These workhorses were heavily used, with draughtsmen often sitting 12 to 14 hours a day to diligently generating the beautiful plans and drawings needed for large scale projects.With such use, it is not surprising that few survive.....(read more) We are committed to customer service.We honor your privacy and do not share your information with others. All items may be returned for a full refund less shipping.

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These extraordinary tools helped to design everything from railroad steam engines to the first 5 moon shots.

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