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Etymology definition online dating

has appeared “in a growing number of rap and hip-hop songs” in the decade since Cam’ron first employed it.

Unsurprisingly, listeners started noticing the word before journalists did.

A 2009 thread in the Hypebeast forums finds users wondering over the word’s derivation while others mock them for arriving late to the party.

Significantly, the commenters evince little agreement about ’s significance or etymology.

You Tuber Damian Alonso proposes, “If you’re a man and you’re calling another man a fuckboy because he’s weak or a pussy, you are now a fuckboy yourself because you’re using sexist language that is prominent in fuckboys.” This take supplants the misogynistic and homophobic implications of has come to stand for whatever those who use it find most contemptible.

There are many common phrases that employ the word, as well as compounds that incorporate it, such as motherfucker, fuckwit and fucknut.

Their disagreement reflects the varied ways the word is used across a range of communities, designating whatever male behavior a particular culture—or even an individual—identifies as problematic.

Where Sales’ and Massey’s definitions both work from within the discourse of women who date men, it takes on a range of different meanings—and inspires different debates—in other contexts.

has plenty of definitions—so many, in fact, that the word is less interesting for what it means than for why it seems to welcome so many (often mutually exclusive) claims to meaning.

And while some of those claims are older than others, none possess anything like universal authority, Sales’ perhaps least of all.

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They propose a variety of possible meanings, all ugly but widely divergent in the specific onus of their ugliness, except insofar as they tend toward a homophobic register.

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