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Germany did not lose World War I in a decisive military defeat.They saw the writing on the wall and opted for an armistice – which became the Treaty of Versailles. The French and British, who had done a great deal of the fighting and bleeding, felt that Germany got off too easily.But as soon as Hitler got into office, it became clear that he was not about to listen to anyone.Within six months of appointing Hitler as chancellor, Von Hindenburg died.These parties also claimed that the only reason Germany lost World War I was because the soldiers on the front lines were sabotaged by sinister forces with German society. Hitler joined and galvanized the party around a grandiose idea – to conquer Munich, then go for the rest of Germany.Their aim was to get Germany back to its "true" values and traditions.Paul von Hindenburg was the president of Germany, a World War I general whom everyone loved. Under his special powers, the president could dissolve the parliament and appoint a chancellor.

All of them had similar agendas: to restore law and order, at all costs. One of the parties that began to gain popularity and strength would become the German National Socialist Party (which was neither particularly Nationalist nor Socialist).

Upon his release from prison, Hitler revitalized the Nazi party.

In German politics, the Nazis never had a majority in the government. Then in 1929, history intervened with economic turmoil of the Great Depression.

Whoever opposed this policy was an immediate candidate for the first concentration camp, Dachau, located just outside Munich where dissidents could get a bit of “re-education.” As the supreme power in Germany, Adolf Hitler began molding it to his will.

(89) Cyndi Pinner-Martinez, June 10, 2013 AM Excellent research but to today's ignorant young people, please make it obvious that there were 2 world wars and Hitler slyly got his foot in the door during the first.

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The military, the industrialists and others pressured Von Hindenburg into a special deal – to appoint Hitler.

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