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His favorite part in the girls MV is when they kicked! Sungmin is so embarrased when he told SNSD Sooyoung that his first kiss was Eunhyuk and he already kissed Eunhyuk for about 3-4 times.21. He says various things like spend the money on food for yourself, or for books for school, and his most favorite, for gifts for your parents. Kangin is close friends with Tablo from Epik high25. On a radio show, when discussing who among the members has the nicest lips. He was afraid that someone would find out his password so he changed it over 6 times.36.

He's the #1 fan of so nyeo si dae and usually listen to their songs.22. He's the 5th member of SES fans club (bada's group)26. He once thought about changing his style on pink., but when he opened his closet, he saw his clothes were mostly pink. Sungmin’s closest friends during training is Xiah Junsu and Eunhyuk.5. Shindong about his personal issues and asks for advice from him often.20. Sungmin’s cellphones are pink LG Chocolate and i Phone.29. According to Kangin, Sungmin is very careful when he uses his car.30. He mentioned before that fans bought him a laptop and he returned it to them and another time he received a nice digital camera and he returned it to the fansite that bought it for him. Kangin likes to pay for his girl friend and hates it when his girl friend spend money on him because he felt as a man he should pay for everything.24. When the members told him that he couldn't have them, Eunhyuk started to cry. He ate them as if they were the most delicious things, while still crying.32.

According to Henry , Ryeowook is warm and gentle.50. Heechul who was right beside Ryeowook stopped him.52. Out of all the Super Junior members, Shindong had his first kiss first.4. shindong and eunhyuk once got left behind by the members and staff8. shindong likes to shop online because his size is sometimes unavailable in stores, and it embarrassed him when the size is unavailable12. before debuting,shindong went to sm company and saw yunho of DBSK. when he's going on a diet, shindong talks about foods in his sleeps Shindong’s favourite colour is purple16. Sungmin could fell asleep easily at the count of three.67. Sungmin is the most frugal out of all the members.69. There was once when they went shopping together, and Teukie i asked “where were you? ” and sungmin replied, “i was here all the time, hyung.” poor sungminnie :(73. Leeteuk would cry alone on a bus during his trainee days because he was losing hope of debuting. Leeteuk is afraid of being alone to the point where he asked Hyukjae and Ryeowook to sleep with him in the hospital23. On stage, he talks a lot and is energetic, while in real life he is much more quiet.25. 4th SM Youth Best Selection Best Outward Appearance 1st place 200217. He had been borrowing money from his friends but he didn’t want to do so anymore.

He started to watch Kim Tak Gu after he found out Kyuhyun sang in it.48 He is jealous of Henry for being SJM’s magnae.49. The members sometimes are not aware of sungmin’s existence. He would even left movie suggestion if asked11.wants to get married to an ELF, aww~~isn't he so cute? In trainee times, teuk usually drops Hae at school and pick him up afterwards. he is such a supportive hyung, he is the no 1 fan of his dongsaengs19. Teuki likes to play the piano and compose songs 21. He had a girlfriend at the time, but had no money to spend on dates or gifts.

He was then recruited as a trainee under the talent agency SM Entertainment.49own radio program, M.

Food: Southern dishes *dishes from the southern part of china i guess~*39. What you want to do with your girlfriend: Being together41. Korean Food: BBQ meat * the words kinda jumble up but i saw the chinese word for bbq n meat so ya, i guessed*45. He lost his shoe during a Miracle performance in Feb.8. During high school he got love confessions from guys & they even touched his face as he took a nam 36. Yesung has a pet turtle named “ddangkoma” (300.000 won) 12. He recently got another turtle named “Morahaji” 16. And the best thing is, he won’t ask someone to get it for him. even when yesung wears a hat, he still does his part of hair that can’t be covered by the hat 23. On a comedy gameshow, Yesung lost & as a punishment, he need to smell the fart of those people in the game including Min&Hae 25. And look at the most severe circumstances it Kyuhyun Yesung not hold back the tears. Donghae likes to play around with Hee Chul a lot20. Donghae wants to give Bada name for his daughter/son 22. Donghae never get taller again since he’s graduate from elementary school29. Donghae carries Eunhyuk’s mom picture at his wallet 0.o 23. Donghae’s ideal girl: Likes girl with silky hair30. When Donghae took the high school examination, Heechul got up early to cook eggs for his breakfast32. He is the 4th heavy drinker amongst Su Ju members (Kangin is 1st , Shindong is 2nd and kyuhyun is 3rd)17. Heechul says Hong Ki from FT Island look like Kangin.27. He’s proud to be a part of Super Junior and always mention his brothers31. When Super Junior M's Zhou Mi was writing to fans, he mentioned the fishy couple arguing, meaning Eunhae.37. In SNSD he’s close to Taeyeon due to their radio show.26. Donghae was quick to say "Hyukjae's when he wakes up"34. He says that cute animals are his favorites but he likes snails as well.35. Because he is so skinny, Eunhyuk received the new nickname "myeol chi" (anchovy).

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