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they're now among the relatively few tent camp residents across the country to be evacuated.with 1.3 million haitians now living under tarps and tents, most have nowhere to go, despite the urging of the haitian government to seek shelter with family and friends in safe housing, most of these earthquake victims now ride out the storm in rickety tents.senator patty murray wins a fourth term and she beat dino rossi, who was selected by national republicans, to try to challenge her.it was one of those mail-in ballot states, so it took a little longer. when you have the most historic election in over 60, 70 years, you would think that the other party would understand that the american people have clearly repudiated the policy that they've put forward in the last two years.the camp sits at the base of a mountain outside port-au-prince and is especially vulnerable to wind and flooding rains. officials worried about the evacuations being delayed and assured the residents they could return here.

karl rove served as senior adviser to president george w.republicans are on probation and whether they get off it depends on whether they do what they said they would do on the campaign trail. it's not simply enough to say, we're going to stop doing the bad thing the american people clearly want to have stopped, but they need to lay out an agenda.the president out there saying, we need to punish our enemies and reward our friends.the hurricane-force winds, tropical storm-force winds extend well out into much of haiti, towards the eastern ends of haiti.you can see eastern cuba, western haiti bear the brunt of those winds and on into the turks and caicos and southeastern bahamas as well. rainfall amounts, we're talking the anywhere from 5 to 10 inches of rain over haiti, and of course, with the mountainous terrain, and much of it deforested, they've estimated up to 80% of the forest has been cut down for people to use for firewood, that's going to exacerbate the mud slide problems.

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now, health officials worry that the rain could also worsen the cholera epidemic by spreading the contaminated water, which has already killed more than 400 people here. the bad news is it doesn't look like it's going to get over land, so it's going to stay over the warm waters and probably continue to strengthen.

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